January 31, 2022

Bringing the GRR! to 2022

Hey all!

We have an announcement to share:

While the pandemic has brought challenges to Girls Rock Regina, it’s also given us time to reorganize and reflect - and that has us thinking about our name.

Girls Rock Regina is modelled after a network of camps around the globe that come together under the Girls Rock Camp Alliance (GRCA) - with the mission to amplify and empower the voices of female, trans, two-spirit gender-expansive youth and adults through music creation, collaboration and performance.

While this has always been true, our name (collectively and locally) has inaccurately described who we are and has erased members of our movement, both youth and adults. We are not all girls - and should no longer prioritize this way.

Change is overdue

Moving forward, and in step with bigger conversations within the GRCA, Girls Rock Regina will begin the process of a name change that better reflects the expansiveness that we hold as individual organizers and community members.

It will take time

To do this right, we will spend 2022 looking inward as an organization and engaging our community in a meaningful way. These conversations will help us learn, listen and truly live our values, and it will also give us space to plan and prepare for our upcoming summer camp (stay tuned).

In the interim, Girls Rock Regina will now go by GRR! (growl like a tiger). We’re currently updating marketing materials (when feasible) to reflect this new direction.

While this may not seem to be a big departure, it’s an achievable first step we can act on immediately as we move along this journey.

This is the beginning

We’re excited to bring you along as we work together through this name change process and appreciate your patience. If you have any questions, follow our updates on this and other exciting announcements on Facebook and Instagram, or send us an email.