Mentorship roles

Mentorship roles are reserved for cis and trans women and gender-expansive folks (unless otherwise indicated). In a mentorship role, you'll work closely with campers - teaching an instrument, helping the bands rock, and keeping them safe, happy, and on schedule. These are paid positions.

Please be advised that a valid vulnerable sector criminal record check is required.

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Band Coach


Band Coaches work with a group of 5-6 campers. The Band Coach helps the band with playing their instruments, songwriting, tech support and working as a group.

Band coaches are responsible for:

  • Helping their band create and prepare an original song for the Showcase Concert
  • Understanding basic songwriting and/or familiarity with one or more instruments
  • Working closely with Band Managers to provide a fun, safe and supportive environment

Band Coaches are encouraged to participate in workshops, assemblies and lunch hours. However, they may need that as break time - especially if coaching and instructing.

Time commitment

  • Sunday 10-3pm (set up and training)
  • Mon-Fri - 9 - 5:30 Saturday - 10-12 pm(camper support)
  • Break times - Lunch hour/some workshops/ Instruction (if not teaching)

Band Manager


Each band manager works with a group of 5-6 campers. Band Managers are mentors who support and encourage campers throughout the week.

Band Managers are responsible for:

  • Handling group dynamics, conflict and group decision-making.
  • Band and making sure the band is where they need to be at all times.
  • Supporting and working as a team with Band Coach
  • Participating fully in all workshops and assemblies and lunch hours.

Time commitment

  • Sunday 10-3pm (set up and training)
  • Mon-Fri - 9 - 5:30 Saturday - 10-12 pm(camper support)
  • Break times - Instrument instruction/Band Practice (when time allows)

Instrument Instructor


Instrument Instructors should have experience with one of the instruments offered at camp (guitar, bass, drums, keys, vocals). Each instrument will often have two instructors working with 5-6 campers. Instructors are welcome to join workshops and assemblies but are not required to.

Instructors are responsible for:

  • Leading basic instrument instruction for beginners
  • Preparing a lesson plan in advance
  • Creating a supportive, fun space for learning
  • Ensuring gear is set up, tuned and ready for practice

Time commitment

  • Sunday 10-3pm (set up and training)
  • Mon-Thurs - 10:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.
  • Saturday - 1-3 (instrument support)

Youth Mentor

Previous camp experience required

GRR youth mentors are 15-17 years old and have attended at least one year of camp. They can support the camp in a variety of ways:

  • Supporting instrument instruction (depending on ability)
  • Help with gear moving
  • Support band coaches and managers as needed
  • Participate and lead icebreakers/activities
  • Be a positive role model through example

Time commitment:

  • Sunday - 10 - 3 pm
  • Mon - Friday - 10 - 5 p.m.
  • Saturday 10-12(set up/break-down/camper support/possible lineup)
  • Break times - flexible

Workshop leaders

Workshop leaders provide a one-hour session/activity on a pre-determined topic. Workshop leaders must supply their own tools and support (unless pre-arranged with GRR) Workshops topics must align with GRR values and mission (for example):

  • Anti-oppression and social justice
  • Movement, art, and creativity
  • Confidence, wellness, self-care
  • Music and songwriting

Time commitment: 1. 5 hrs (including any setup/breakdown)

Gear lead/Tech Co-ordinator

Music/Instrument/AV knowledge required

The gear/tech coordinator is responsible for leading all aspects of musical equipment and gear for camp.

*GRR will give priority to cis and trans women and gender-expansive folks, however, everyone is welcome to apply for this position.

This includes:

  • Securing, managing, and organizing gear rentals
  • Ability to lift and move heavy gear
  • Leading gear load-in/load-out/transfer to showcase
  • Coordinating gear movement from instruction to band practices (2 times a day)
  • Support with AV/Soundboard and troubleshooting
  • Point of contact and instruction for gear volunteers
  • Trouble-shooting gear and making runs to Long & McQuade
  • Support recording day needs

Time commitment:

  • Sunday - 12 - 4 p.m
  • Mon - Friday - 10 - 5
  • Saturday 12-4 (rental returns/showcase transfer)
  • Break times - flexible

If you have any questions, email us at