Meet the crew


Danielle Sakundiak


Hi! I'm Dani and one of the co-founders of Girls Rock Regina (GRR). I'm so excited to bring GRR to Regina and can't wait to hear all the awesome bands our campers will put together! I love music and while I don't play an instrument (yet), you can always count on me to hog the mic at Karaoke. When I'm not GRR'ing, I work as web writer and love watching my husband and two little ladies rocking our family house band

Amanda Scandrett


Hi, I’m Amanda and one of the co-founders of Girls Rock Regina. I play synthesizer and sing in with local band Library Voices and have toured nationally and internationally supporting five albums over the past 8 years. I’m also a visual artist, and run an arts centre here in Regina. I have a background in arts education and counselling and love that the Girls Rock Camp model that merges identity and empowerment with music. I can’t wait to rock out this summer with the youth and artists in Regina!

Org Crew

Jen Moser Aikman


Hi! I'm Jen and am thrilled to help the next generation of girls rock in Regina! In the '90s, I played drums and sang in a number of local bands and put on countless shows in venues across the city (even in my parent's basement). I bring over a dozen years of admin experience to the Treasurer role and love music, painting, pottery and camping with my husband and two boys.

Brittney MacFarlane


Hey! I’m Brittney, and I’m the Volunteer Chair with Girls Rock Regina. I can’t wait to help coordinate people who want to get involved with this amazing event. I work in music full-time with my day job at SaskMusic. As the Program & Education Coordinator I plan all kinds of music workshops and teach people about careers in Saskatchewan’s awesome music industry. I’m so excited to see more opportunities for female-identifying, trans, two-spirit, and gender non-conforming youth!

Charity Marsh


Hi! I'm Charity. I'm the Canada Research Chair in Interactive Media and Popular Music in the Faculty of Media, Arts and Performance at the University of Regina. My research and publications focus on women in popular music, global Indigenous hip hop, electronic music, gender and technology, as well as movement arts cultures. I'm also the Director of the Interactive Media and Performance (IMP) Labs at the U of R and mama to two fantastic girls who love to rock out to Peaches.

Leo Keiser


Hello! My name is Leo, and I'm one of your GRR organizers. By day, I work to make our summer awesome with the Regina Folk Fest, and by night I am a bass player in fun local weirdo bands like Homo Monstrous, Mechadroid and Oiseaux. I'm very excited to be a part of this crew and can't wait to help build up the communities that support GRR in the future.

Crystal Massier

Hey there, I'm Crystal and I am very stoked to be a part of Girls Rock Regina. Outside of GRR, I mostly play with clay and various other visual arts mediums through my work as the Art Educator for Eden Care Communities. A few other things in my life that rock are my family, experimenting in my clay studio and being a part of other inclusive creative communities such as Fada Dance and Sâkêwêwak Artists' Collective Inc. Plus, my husband and I being the parents of girls who dance it and rock out is pretty great!